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Welcome to Chicago Hockey Academy!

Welcome to Chicago Hockey Academy

Chicago Hockey Academy is the premier solution for student-athletes who want exceptional academic opportunities while receiving the highest caliber of on-ice training available. Through our partner, US Performance Academy, we are able to offer accredited, private online instruction has multiple options to fit the needs of each student-athlete. Highly qualified teachers work individually with each student while offering self-directed schedules to meet their travel and competition needs. Skill development and training sessions are offered at the Arctic Ice Arena in Orland Park, IL, by the experienced professionals at Chicago Hockey Academy. Our coaches and trainers have more than 50 years of combined experience playing, training, and coaching at the highest levels of hockey. Whatever your needs, CHA provides the most flexible schooling and training option for players who want to study, train, and advance.


The academic instruction at Chicago Hockey Academy, provided through our partner US Performance Academy, prepares student-athletes for the rest of their life. The flexible, online curriculum is accredited by AdvancedED and NCAA approved for middle and high school students. The rigorous academics at provided Chicago Hockey Academy are highly interactive – engaging students in multiple ways and allowing them to practice the skills needed while maintaining the highest standards of education. The self-paced and flexible schedule options mean that students can work through the material at their own rate. The highly-qualified and certified teachers, learning coaches, and tutors at US Performance Academy are available 6 days a week to provide the support needed to see CHA students succeed. Whether the goal is college or professional career, Chicago Hockey Academy can provide the support and education that is needed to realize your dreams.

Through Chicago Hockey Academy, students will have access to:

  • Highly-qualified and certified teachers that work 1:1 with students and communicate via video conferencing, live chat, telephone, and text.
  • Learning coaches who support students and families beyond the classroom.
  • On-demand tutoring 6 days a week, 17 hours a day.
  • Interactive and engaging courses with on-demand video instruction by real teachers.
  • Instruction on key concepts and skills through expert on-screen teachers.
  • Highly interactive courses with multiple ways for students to interact with content and practice skills.
  • Rigorous course standards aligned with real-world examples and assignments.
  • Multiple supports, including captioning, text-to-speech read aloud, translation, and the ability to pause/rewind/replay instruction.

The academics provided by Chicago Hockey Academy are designed to fit the life of your student-athlete. With multiple options including 3 days a week and 4 days a week schooling, students can find an academic program that works for them. The online calendar template allows students to schedule their coursework over a 12 month period to fit their schedule. While online courses offer flexibility, they also teach students critical life skills like self-motivation and time management. At Chicago Hockey Academy, our goal is to prepare our student-athletes for the future.

On Ice Instruction

Chicago Hockey Academy offers the foremost in on-ice hockey instruction for student-athletes. The on-ice experience at Chicago Hockey Academy encompasses all elements of the game, from skating and stick-handling to game strategy and tactics. Our goal is to help our students enhance their physical attributes and skills and then learn the best way to apply those tools in game settings. While many players will come into CHA with a solid base of skills already established, our goal is to help our student-athletes improve on the intricate details of their game. On-ice instruction takes place at the Arctic Ice Arena in Orland Park, IL, a short 30-minute commute from Chicago. Alongside a convenient location, the coaches at Chicago Hockey Academy provide exceptional instruction. Each competed at the highest levels of hockey- bringing real-world experience alongside more than 20 years of coaching and developing youth hockey players. The on-ice hockey instruction at Chicago Hockey Academy provides an unparalleled experience and development of our players.

Specific focuses and working points include areas such as:

  • Skating instruction
  • Movements and Technique
  • Puck control & stickhandling skills
  • Shooting technique and goal scoring training
  • Position-specific work
  • Game-environment teaching & exercises
  • Passing concepts & possession drills
  • Individual defensive instincts, tactics, & overall awareness

Chicago Hockey Academy also provides optional off-ice training for those student-athletes looking for more of a competitive edge. From building strength and performance to avoiding the probability of injuries- individualized off-ice training can be a value. The expert trainers at CHA have over 25 years of experience working with many professional hockey players and understand the unique needs of our students. With convenient scheduling options, we have solutions for any travel and academic schedule. Contact Chicago Hockey Academy today and let our years of research and results-driven coaching help you succeed!

Our Coaches and Instuctors

Our coaches bring real-world experience alongside more than 20 years of coaching and developing youth hockey players.

Program Options

Chicago Hockey Academy offers 3 flexible program options to meet your needs!

3-Day On Ice Program

  • 130 HOURS OF ICE
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4-Day On-Ice Program

  • 170 HOURS OF ICE
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3-Day Off-Ice Program

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